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Kitap Özeti

Laboratory Techniques in General Microbiology is an essential book for student educating in Food engineering and Technology, Agricultural engineering, Biology, Environmental engineering, Nutrition and dietetic, Food hygiene and Technology, as well as anyone interested in microbiology courses. The book is also essential tool for people teaching on microbiology. The methods of isolation and cultivation, the determination of biochemical activities of microorganisms, and physical and chemical effects on microorganisms are essential in microbiological studies and researches. The book content includes: preparation of media and sterilization, microorganisms in environment, aseptic techniques, pure culture techniques, preservation of cultures, wet-mount and hanging-drop techniques, different staining techniques, motility of bacteria, cultural and biochemical characteristics of bacteria, antimicrobial effects, hand scrubbing on removal of microorganisms, and morphological characteristics of yeasts and molds.

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