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Kitap Özeti

Birth is a debt sentence. I took a loan from the very first day of my birth; that loan was earth. I became a universal tenant, a natural debtor, indebted to the earth, indebted to my generation and to posterity. I am paying my debts as days go by. Unforgiving Journey, Dilem, Sunrise in Istanbul, The Political Pot Keeps Boiling and Election Day can bear me witness that my debts are gradually fading away into that final hour of judgement. 1:40 AM, Istanbul E.N Yongka“If death equates power, then count on meIn death, I shall pest your foesI shall come in a million formsIn spirit and in flesh………….”Dilem, Words to my Nation“Overrun by zombiesIn my new WorldPossessed by flesh eatersWith missing body partsOozing and sticky body fluids……” Dilem, Zombies“I am a narcotic fanaticLike BenedictIn an isolated districtBordered by conflict…………….” Dilem, Mr. Narcotic

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